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The Silent City
Levels 50-60
Silent City2.png
It would seem as though the waters were not as life-giving as the myths have stated.
Introduced Desert of Flames
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to
Instances The Fountain of Life
Quest Lines Ahket Aken Timeline
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Together with the Living Tombs, the Silent City is all that remains of Ahket Aken, City of Life.


Ahket Aken was once inhabited by Sul'Dal Elves whom were worshipers of Anashti Sul and believed that through worship of the deity they would be granted eternal life. - (Source: Before the Sands: Takish'Hiz and Silent City) The City was founded by Godking Anuk, who was the first and only prophet of Anashti Sul to be chosen by the goddess herself. - (Source: Lect'Zadh) He constructed an elaborate system of aqueducts throughout the city that would bring the river Fyr'Un, whose waters were blessed by Anashti Sul and provided eternal life, to every corner of the city. - (Source: Arbo'Akh) Through events unknown, the Fyr'Un would become corrupted and all life in Ahken Aken, the Godking included, would turn to undeath. Now, Ahket Aken is synonymous with mummies, specters, and any other undead machinations that can be perceived. Any noise heard here will be of your own doing, travel quietly...




  • From the Living Tombs: ( -10, 30, 480 ) Copy
  • From the Sinking Sands: Enter cave at ( -878, -239, -1276 ) Copy) then proceed to ( -943, -229, -1046 ) Copy


  • To the Living Tombs: ( 12, 28, 423 ) Copy
  • To the Sinking Sands: ( 144, 31, 163 ) Copy



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