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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature  (AA)
Journal Level 100 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone see Starting the Quest below
How to Start Speak with Bailin Grove the Elder at the center of Spiral Lake ( -64, -4, -92 ) /waypoint -63.92, -3.65, -91.86.
part of: Zek, the Scourge Wastes Timeline
Preceded by:
Spiraling Situation (Heroic)
Followed by:
subquest Diviners and Conquer (Heroic)

What does this information mean?

After being returned to Spirit Lake, Bailin Grove the Elder is eager to do what ever can be done to save the spirits of the ancient lake.


  1. Plant 8 potameid kelp by clicking the toxin blotches at the Spirit Lake around ( -69, -4, -93 ) /waypoint -69.44, -3.64, -93.35
  2. Speak to Bailin Grove the Elder
  3. Obtain the following items
    • Obtain Treherth's Acorn ( 735, -15, -292 ) /waypoint 735, -15, -292 once you gained access to cave with the Quest Honor the Dead
      • Named after Salmekia Treherth, a guildmaster amongst the ancient Treefolke of Surefall Glade, this acorn was a spiritual relic used in many druidic ceremonies amongst my Green Hood brethren. It had been kept at the village near Three-Toes Watering Hole
    • Obtain the branch of the last Glademaster, drops of Knotwood ( 59, -29, 176 ) /waypoint 58.81, -29.10, 175.72 during the quest Knotbarking Up the Wrong Tree
      • A branch should have grown upon one of the treants of this region after Valwood, the last Glademaster, passed beyond the veil.
  4. Obtain Signet of Gannar
    • Enter Scourge Keep by clicking the sewer entrance beneath the Bridge of Zek ( -210, -25, -538 ) /waypoint -210, -25, -538.
    • The entrance is underwater at ( -193, -36, -579 ) /waypoint -192.61, -36.12, -579.35
    • The needler fish do not see invis.
  5. You must click the altar (not the helmet) in the shrine of Tallos in Scourge Keep at ( 14, 1, -21 ) /waypoint 13.77, 1, -21.11 before sigils will drop for you. You will see the message that it "has twenty one empty slots".
  6. Collect 21 Hound of War Sigils from orcs either overland zone or castle (castle has higher drop chance) and use the altar in the Scourge Keep (Advanced Solo) at ( 14, 1, -21 ) /waypoint 13.77, 1, -21.11
    • Note: Probably the best way to do the keep in 1 run and avoid farming the Sigils is by killing all the crocs in the lake followed by the named that spawns, than use the old sewer entrance to get inside the keep area. Once you are inside kill as few mobs as possible and get to the top area .. use the closest tower to the bridge to the center top. there go down keep right careful with pulling too many mobs and klick the altar. Once you do that start clearing the zone =)
    • Note: Each player needs 21 Hound of War Sigils, when you hand them in by clicking on the altar. Is not a group update.
    • A dangerous item from the Plane of War. The spirits whisper of it. 'Boon of the oracle to share the sight. Twenty-one under the crown to unlock its might.'
  7. Speak with Bailin Grove the Elder


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