Shadowed Grove

The Shadowed Grove

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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone The Lesser Faydark (Echoes of Faydwer)
Location Take the path leading south from The Aphotic Intersection ( 608, -16, 470 ) /waypoint 608, -16, 470 Eq2map
Discovery Location (AA) Yes

What does this information mean?

The Shadowed Grove is a sheltered grove south of The Aphotic Intersection. The sheltered, shadowy nature of the grove made it an ideal point of entry for the forces of the Void. They established a portal to their realm, The Tower of Zet. Void energies have tainted the area, killed the giant vines and mushrooms that grow throughout Lesser Faydark and corrupted the Growth spirits and some of the native creatures.

Mobs Found HereEdit

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