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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature  (AA)
Journal Level 80 (Tier 9)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone see Starting the Quest below
How to Start Hail Antonia Bayle in Antonia Bayle's Chambers (if good-aligned) or hail Overlord Lucan D'Lere in The Overlord's Office (if evil-aligned) after having done the earlier quest
part of: The Shadow Odyssey Timeline
Preceded by:
The Shadow Odyssey, Prologue: A Missive from the Queen (good) or

The Shadow Odyssey, Prologue: The Overlord's Command (evil)

Followed by:
The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 2: The Gods Must Be Crazy

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  1. Travel to The Sinking Sands and speak with Professor Fondfate at The Skystrider Launch-Dock. ( -1355, -167, -752 ) /waypoint -1355, -167, -752
  2. Travel to the Moors of Ykesha on the massive Skystrider flying ship and hail Professor Fondfate at ( 1740, 451, 846 ) /waypoint 1740, 451, 846
  3. Seek out the missing clockwork, z-bot XGO ( 1150, 393, 861 ) /waypoint 1149.5, 392.5, 860.5
    1. Good-Aligned
      1. Hail Shaman Zaz'i'zaz who will give you the next quest
    2. Evil-Aligned
      1. Kill one of the groups of Thalz'Iz'Zaz at the camp.
      2. Speak with Shaman Zaz'i'zaz that is upset with me for approaching the clockwork. This will finish the quest and open the next quest.


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