The Sanctorium

A deep chanting can be heard in the back of the cave...

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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Desert of Flames
Level Range 50-55
Zone in from The Sinking Sands
Entrance is at

( -210, -100, -616 ) /waypoint -210, -100, -616

Parent Zone None
Difficulty Group
Persistence 90 minutes - 3 days
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

What does this information mean?

The Sanctorium entrance via Sinking Sands

The "new" doorway to the Sanctorium.


  1. Kill the three named mobs, Hira' Vehn, Sirn' Vehn and Nagini to despawn the two epic x4 mobs blocking access to Ortallius.
  2. Kill the Orillian prelates surrounding Ortallius to make him atttackable.
  3. Once Ortallius has been killed, Rathmana Allin will spawn underneath the nearby skeleton statue. Kill him to complete the instance.

Detailed WalthroughEdit

Beware The Guardian of Rathmana and The Protector of Rathmana, twin level 55 Epic(x4) ^^^ mobs guarding one of the 4 exit passages. These will vanish after you have killed the other 3 named bosses in the starting area, one at the end of each of the other 3 corridors. They are Nagini, Sirn' Vehn, and Hira' Vehn. Each is a 51^^^, and a couple of them have some bodyguards. There are quite a lot of trash mobs to clear to get to each one.

Continuing then past where the epics were, you'll find Ortallius, a white NPC, surrounded by 6 Orillian Prelates and a huge statue in a shallow pond. The prelates are 50^^^ Heroics, but unlinked, and easy to pull individually. Apparently these cannot be either attacked until the first 3 bosses have died.

When all the prelates have been killed, Ortallius becomes attackable, he's a 51^^^, alone. Killing him spawns the final boss in front of the statue, Rathmana Allin, a 52^^^. She is surrounded by several Orillian Corpses, 51^^. But those are stationary, unlinked, and most are far enough away from her that they shouldn't be a problem. If you try killing them, they will respawn very rapidly (maybe in a minute or so) in other parts of the pool, so this is rather futile.


Sanctorium exit

Get me outta here! - far right white skeleton exits you all the way back to the Sinking Sands dock

  • Exit the zone by clicking a white skeleton inside at ( -11, 7, 8 ) /waypoint -11, 7, 8, which takes you to the docks in the Sinking Sands.
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