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The Sadistic Bartender

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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) The Estate of Unrest (LU32)
Race Ghost
Level 73▲▲▲ Tier 8 Heroic
Reported Drops
Melee Attacks Crushing (914-3081)
Special Attacks

Jab (460 Crush), Rapid Swing (152-397), Molotov Searing (ranged 300-350)

AA Exp Yes
Status Points unknown

What does this information mean?

When you kill the last of his customers, this spawns the Bartender!

"Someone ran out all of my customers! Someone is going to pay the tabs... with their blood! Hahaha!"

He is a Bruiser. The Sadistic Bartender can spawn level 70 allies (Dry Ice Patch, Ether Cloud, Scorch). These allies are rooted in place and do continous damage as long as you stay on top of them. They are usually preceeded with a taunt, for example, the animation of yourself being hit with a snowball, followed by yourself apologizing. At that point you can move and avoid the summoned ally, but if you don't you'll be rooted and slowed and take damage until you move away.

A good strategy is to attack him at the fireplace and slowly move down the hall towards the entrance, avoiding the spawned allies at eachothers feet as you move together in your group.