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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Deity
Journal Level 65 (Tier 7)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Butcherblock Mountains more
How to Start Speak with Pacificator Merrek ( 353, 190, 494 ) /waypoint 353, 190, 494 and meditate with him a little while before he offers the quest.
part of: Quellious Timeline
Preceded by:
Peace Through Games
Followed by:
The Gathering
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What does this information mean?

Required level 58 minimum to begin this quest.


  1. Merrek sends you to talk to Trader Darmlin at the docks ( 673, 24, 589 ) /waypoint 673, 24, 589.
  2. I need to find Darmlin's helper near Felderham's Folly. His name is Helper Tjek and he can be found at ( -313, 150, 193 ) /waypoint -313, 150, 193.
  3. After talking with his helper you need to find some good fruit (5 pieces). These are updates from trees that you can examine/pick in the area. You will also get rotten food that will not update the quest. (see note on talk page)
  4. I need to return the fruit to Darmlin.
  5. Return to Merrek ( 332, 194, 374 ) /waypoint 332, 194, 374. Merrek wants to see one of the bad fruit, so be sure to keep one!

    What a totem looks like.

  6. Merrek wants me to search around the trees for anything out of the ordinary. You need to harvest a "totem". This tabable item will spawn randomly between the Quarry and the zone-in to The Estate of Unrest. It does not spawn only under the charred trees. It is also tiny (much smaller than it appears in the screenshot). Using the Track Harvestables ability looking for a "totem" works best. Alternatively, you can use a Gnomish Divining Rod to track it.
  7. Return the totem to Merrek.
  8. He sends you to plant the seed at the Village of Somborn in Loping Plains at the dirt patch at ( -405, 12, 5 ) /waypoint -405, 12, 5.
  9. Return to Merrek.
  10. He sends you to gather water from the terminus of the river in Greater Faydark. This is the pool at the base of Tunare's Sapling ( -48, -11, 68 ) /waypoint -48, -11, 68. Take a dive there.
  11. Take the water and use it on the planted seed in the Loping Plains.


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