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The Ruins of Varsoon Timeline
Recommended Levels 27 to 34
Introduced: Shattered Lands
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: Ruins of Varsoon
Preceded by: The Thundering Steppes Timeline
Whether more information comes to light in the future, the fact remains that Varsoon no longer walks among the living.
Recently deceased Ruins of Varsoon explorer
  • All quests listed here, unless noted, can be started and completed as of January 2018.
  • NOTE: Always start book quests before you begin killing everything!!!

Main Quests

Starts at: Jiana Waterway in The Thundering Steppes at ( -649, -8, 685 ) /waypoint -649, -8, 685

  1. Dark Creatures Lurk
  2. Keeping the Topside Safe
    • This quest has three versions, a level 28, a level 32 and a level 34. Each version must be completed ten times to reach the next version. Upon completing the final iteration of the third version, the master quest becomes unlocked.
  3. Surface Assault

Examined Quests

  1. Last Place They'd Look - examine a book on the floor at either ( -273, 0, -28 ) /waypoint -273, 0, -28 or ( -301, 0, -34 ) /waypoint -301, 0, -34
  2. Ash Covered Necklace - examine the ash covered necklace received in the previous quest.


Other quests

Removed quests

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