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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature  (AA)
Journal Level 95 (Tier 10)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Vesspyr Isles more
How to Start Speak to Harlar Dar in Vesspyr Isles
part of: Channeler Epic Weapon Timeline
Preceded by:
Barking at the Moon
Followed by:
Nine Hundred Ninety Nine
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  1. Speak to Lord Nagafen in a special version of his instance in Sol's Eye
    • There are now 2 "Nagafen's Lair" choices on the menu, pick the first one called Nagafen's Lair
    • Wear Token of Veeshan while attempting to converse with Nagafen
    • Do not be insistent. Take your leave, and walk away. As you are walking away the ground will shake and and the words "WAIT. COME HERE" appear in your chat box. Return to Nagafen and he will now talk to you and advance your quest.
  2. Collect 6 sentimental items for Lord Nagafen. Updates are body drops from the final bosses of:
  3. Return to Lord Nagafen
    • Note: There are 2 "Nagafen's Lair" choices on the menu, pick the first one called Nagafen's Lair
  4. Consult the necromancers of Paineel. Letter on table at ( 1652, -265, 3176 ) Copy
  5. Kill the dragon construct on the top level of the rat cave of Sundered Frontier ( 965, -191, 3369 ) Copy, he can also spawn in one of the other passageways in the same area.
    • Note: Has tons of HP, it is recommended to bring at least some DPS with you to help burn it down
  6. Go back to secret lab in Paineel, it's on fire and you will be attacked by a construct
  7. Pick up the book on the desk in the back of the room
    • This step requires having completed the Dark Mail Gauntlets heritage quest, and be wearing them in order to read the book
  8. Defeat Ryizz in a special instance of Stratum called Ssrez'Ras: The Final Confrontation.
    • This is a solo instance with a very difficult fight and no mercenary is allowed. You will need to adjust your AA spec and conduits for maximum individual survivability.
    1. Pull the named into the middle of the room. You do not DPS it, but debuff it whenever you have a chance.
    2. An enslaved npc will spawn every so often, ignore the named and destroy the add.
    3. When a sphere spawns (there are different versions, arcane, elemental, noxious and dark), immediately change targets to the sphere and destroy it.
      • The key for this fight is to survive for roughly 6 minutes (+/- 15s). After the 6 minute mark, the mob will have 15 "ticks" before it dies. This will update your quest.
      • It should be noted that the name will do considerably more damage with each "tick", so do your best to save emergencies for use towards the end of the fight. My suggestion is to make one macro, that saves you from lots of tabbing around and wasted time:
        • /target an enslaved
        • /target a sphere
        • Written like this will ensure a sphere will always be chosen first.
  9. Retrieve the heart from Ryizz's body
  10. Return to Lord Nagafen
    • Note: There are 2 "Nagafen's Lair" choices on the menu, pick the first one called Nagafen's Lair
  11. Return to Daleen in Kelethin
    • Note: Go to ( 403, 128, 395 ) Copy in Kelethin and click on a particle effect on the ground to zone into Daleen's home.


This quest for the fabled and mythical versions the Channeler Epic Weapons.

You must be at least Level 95 in order to start/complete this quest line. The Fabled version of the epic requires only completing content of heroic difficulty at maximum, while the Mythical version requires completing several Epic encounters, culminating in one inside The Dreadcutter: The Pirate Kings (Raid).