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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Heritage  (AA)
Journal Level 40 (Tier 5)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Enchanted Lands more
How to Start Speak to Leelav Yekl in the Enchanted Lands at ( 220, 0, -53 ) Copy.
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Prerequisites[edit | edit source]

  • You must be at least level 35 to start this quest.

Steps[edit | edit source]

  1. Speak to Kreglebop Yekl in The City of Freeport at ( 295, -3, 23 ) Copy.
    • For low-level players of Good-alignment, Freeport can be entered via The Thieves' Way. Enter The Thieves' Way via the manhole cover in The Commonlands at ( -1251, -83, 119 ) Copy, then enter West Freeport via the wall-grate at ( -101, 1, 62 ) Copy.
  2. Speak to Lodo Bightn in the basement of Irontoes East within Qeynos Capitol District NORTH at ( 337, -27, 155 ) Copy. In order to access the basement you must pass through the curtain behind Bouncer Johbal.
    • For low-level players of Evil-alignment, Qeynos can be entered via The Down Below. First, enter The Peat Bog via an underwater grate in Antonica at ( 544, -42, 472 ) Copy. Then, enter Vermin's Snye via a manhole cover at ( 581, -33, 507 ) Copy. Once inside, walk right across from where you zone-in to the Down Below grate at ( 112, -11, -98 ) Copy. Then finally, once in The Down Below, find the wall-grate for North Qeynos at ( -101, -0, -105 ) Copy.
  3. Kill the hired assassins in The Crypt of Betrayal that spawn as you approach ( 102, 6, 12 ) Copy.
  4. Head to the tavern at Windstalker Village in Antonica-1922, -35, -608 ) Copy. As you enter the tavern walk into the corner on your left and the quest will update automatically. You will receive A crudely scrawled parchment that can be examined to give information on the next step.
  5. Kill the assassin Verishu and 2 enthralled warriors that spawn as you approach the beach end of Dead River Docks in The Thundering Steppes-440, -21, -402 ) Copy. If you are having trouble spawning her, try jumping through the location given.
  6. Kill the assassin Ethruia Aj'dora in Rivervale-512, 2, -219 ) Copy. She and her adds will spawn in the back room of the lodge, and may be accessed much more easily through the back door of the lodge.
  7. Head back to the beach in Enchanted Lands and hail Leelav Yekl, causing Lodo Bightn and his henchmen to spawn. Kill them.
    • If Leelav dies during the skirmish, you must wait ~5 minutes for him to respawn.
  8. Hail Leelav Yekl to complete the quest.
    • The heritage quest, A Missing Mask, continues the story of Leelav and the mask mentioned during the quest.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

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