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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Desert of Flames PP
Level Range 59-64
Access Quest Be Careful What You Wish For
Zone in from The Shimmering Citadel
Parent Zone None
Difficulty Group
Failure Lockout None
Success Lockout 90 minutes
NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

What does this information mean?

Eq2Map 1st-4th floor Edit

  • ?0? )  1st Floor (this zone)
  • ?0? )  2nd Floor
  • ?0? )  3rd Floor
  • ?0? )  4th Floor

Travelling Edit

The access quest requirement has been removed to access the zone. You still need to do the mirror quests for each level.

After performing the The Caretaker's access quest, zone in by clicking the mirror next to the Caretaker in The Shimmering Citadel

Each level of this dungeon requires completing an access quest to get to the next level. Make sure your whole party clicks on the quest mirror *before* starting the quests, or you'll either have to do everything over again, or (worst case) leave the dungeon and return after the lockout timer runs out.

However, the good news is that once you complete a level quest, you do not have to repeat it when you revisit the dungeon, as long as everyone in the party has completed that level.

Level 1: Click the mirror to start the level 2 access quest and start killing the animated books found throughout the zone. You must slay groups of "an enchanted novel" continuously on both sides of the scriptorium until a marble table pops up next to the divider between the areas. Clicking on this table will end your quest.

Level 2: Click the mirror to start the level 3 access quest and carry the little cyclops statues to the room full of pedestals. You can put the statues on the floor to open the doors, or have other party members posted at the doors to open them for you. The statues have to be matched up to the correct pedestal to spawn each section of the resulting ring event. This is done by right clicking your mouse and inspecting the statue and inspecting the pedestal. Kill mobs that spawn, then repeat two more times. More statues will spawn on the table in the other room until all outer pedestals are full, then the cyclops will spawn, and the evil eye right after it, both at the back of the room.

Level 3:Clear the Scarab rooms (Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire), and spawn the cobras, kill them as well!. Once all three of the scarab rooms are clear, you can will be able to gain access to the mirror room and start the level 4 access quest

  • Open and close the scarab room, several will spawn over and over and finally snakes. Once they are killed you have access the door nearest to the scab room. The other doors are too far away to try to run to it.
  • On this level, doors randomly open and close on their own. When open, they stay open for approximately 10 seconds.

There are more details to these quests than what I've included here. Look up the name of the specific mirror quest for more info.

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