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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category World Event
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Epic
Starting Zone see Starting the Quest below
How to Start Speak to Roslyn Mischeva
part of: Heroes' Festival Timeline
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What does this information mean? This is an unlimited repeatable quest [information needed]

Starting the questEdit

Roslyn Mischeva is the head of the Mischeva Play-actors, a traveling show. The troupe moves about, putting on shows in various zones with a specific epic patchwork at each location.

  • Though the monsters are epic and difficult, each event is an open raid in which players of all levels can participate to earn some rewards (the higher level, the greater the rewards).
  • You can get this quest while at the Heroes' Festival event hubs or at each battle location.

The Importance of GroupingEdit

  • If the monster's name is white through gray con you will get credit easily. (Color "con" = monster name color indicates difficultly; white is equal to you, grey below)
  • If it is red may or may not, but it likely that you will not. (Red = too difficult to defeat)
  • Grouping with someone for whom the creature is not red will usually allow for the lower level player to receive credit too.
  • If you can do damage and make the monster's hate list, you get will credit. If you do zero damage, you won't make the hate list or get credit.
  • Some low level characters get credit for all the puppets, but occasionally, some don't seem to be able to even if grouped. It is unclear why this happens.

Monsters and LocationsEdit

  • Zone Wide Text to indicate spawn in near future (5-15m?): The Mischeva Play-Actors have arrived! They are setting up camp and will be ready to start the show shortly!
  • Zone Wide Text to indicate immediate spawn: Hear, hear! To all Heroes that have come before, and to all the Heroes that would be -- "insert name of beast", has returned to claim his birthright! The Mischeva Play-Actors need you!

Watch general chat; players who need to defeat each monster tend to "camp" in the locations and announce as well. Some may offer to help other players travel to them. See the page for each monster linked below for travel tips.


  1. Defeat the patchwork epic while the acting troupe is present
  2. Speak to Roslyn


NOTE - You can only receive the reward every 30 minutes.

Mischevas-tribute This article refers to events, personae, items and activities only present in-game during the annual Heroes' Festival event. Heroes' Festival comes to Norrath for a short time, generally around the beginning of November.

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