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*You need to have 7.5k faction with [[Othmir of Velious (Faction)|Othmir of Velious]]
*You need to have 7.5k faction with [[Othmir of Velious (Faction)|Othmir of Velious]]
*You need to have 45k faction with [[:Category:Clan Stormshield (Faction)|Clan Stormshield]] (Have completed the questline [[A Dangerous Game! Test of Stone!]])
*You need to have 45k faction with [[:Category:Clan Stormshield (Faction)|Clan Stormshield]] (Have completed the questline [[A Dangerous Game! Test of Stone!]])
*[[Bag of the Tinkerers]] from [[The Wondrous Inventions of a Crazed Gnome]] (Checking, may not be required now)
*[[Bag of the Tinkerers]] from [[The Wondrous Inventions of a Crazed Gnome]] (Only required for Mythical quest [[The Savage Deepening of Spirit]])
*You need 5 [[Eucalyptus lumber]] ''You can buy them from broker or harvest them''
*You need 5 [[Eucalyptus lumber]] ''You can buy them from broker or harvest them''

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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature
Journal Level 95 (Tier 10)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone The Stonebrunt Highlands more
How to Start See below
part of: Beastlord Epic Weapon Timeline
Preceded by:
Followed by:
Time is of the Essence
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What does this information mean?


The advance solo zones in ToV drop better stat weapons than the mythical versions of the BL epic, but it's the only way to gain the unique Master of Beasts spell.
Most of this can now be done with a merc in ToV gear. There are a couple of bits that need you to split up mobs in order to kill them or click switches which will require you to find a friend or two.


In order to complete this questline, you must:

How to start

  1. Use a flying mount to reach ( -79, 297, 49 ) /waypoint -79, 297, 49 (near the rock with terrorfangs) in The Stonebrunt Highlands where there is a clickable ladder that takes you into A Dark Cave, where Warble is. Speak to him. (the quest will not be offered yet)
    • Note: This step requires you to be 90+
  2. Kill A void ruiner (15 min respawn timer) at ( -977, 732, -389 ) /waypoint -977.21, 732.44, -388.53 near The Eye of El'Arad until you get Warble's hand-kerchief and return to him.
    • Note:A void ruiner looks like a void destroyer. It is stationary and doesn't roam.
    • Note, only 1 beastlord can get the hand-kerchief per kill.
  3. Return to A Dark Cave and speak to Warble again, giving him the hand-kerchief, the quest will be offered.


  1. I am in search of a clue to what my path is:
    • clicking on a "Mark of Instinct" (jade arm statue kinda thing) at ( 130, 247, 306 ) /waypoint 130.26, 247.34, 306.00 in the Gruengach Caves ( 373, 274, 166 ) /waypoint 373, 274, 166 in The Stonebrunt Highlands.
    • another Mark of Instinct statue at ( 352, 227, 84 ) /waypoint 351.76, 226.92, 83.52 in the Gruengach Caves in The Stonebrunt Highlands.
    • "a hidden barrel" top of the caves ( 355, 330, 152 ) /waypoint 355.31, 330.48, 152.32 .
    • "Warble said something about common decent" - Mark of Instinct at ( 1168, 41, 2234 ) /waypoint 1168, 41, 2234 in The Sundered Frontier (Travel to Kerra Isle and it's in the grotto with Queen Martah)
    • "Look around the village more" - Mark of Instinct at ( 1409, 36, 2280 ) /waypoint 1409, 36, 2280 on Kerra Isle.
    • "Look for something to the north" - Basket under a hut on the north end of Kerra Village ( 1340, 44, 2044 ) /waypoint 1340, 44, 2044 .
    • "Ruins old and new" - the ruins above Paineel at ( 1634, -110, 2988 ) /waypoint 1634, -110, 2988 .
    • "Clue to the West" - on the other side of Paineel ( 2182, -92, 3242 ) /waypoint 2182, -92, 3242 .
    • "Books and Vials" - in Paineel at ( 2009, -298, 3330 ) /waypoint 2009, -298, 3330 is a vase on the wall.
  2. Go back to Warble in Stonebrunt Highlands in his cave.
  3. The next updates are in Vasty Deep: The Conservatory; You can use a cleared instance. (The steps must be done in order).
    1. The Fourth Fetish: Mark of Instinct under the water where the Eeloran named spawns at ( 139, 11, -85 ) /waypoint 138.73, 10.57, -84.96.
    2. Among plants and leaves - in the plant area in Conservatory with shrubbery monsters up a root on the north side at ( 156, 97, 40 ) /waypoint 156, 97, 40 .
    3. Bring a Group for this step. A shell - at ( 47, 97, 51 ) /waypoint 47, 97, 51 , in the water between the wall and pillar at the bottom of the moat.
      • Clicking on the shell mentioned above (in the room with the last named in Conservatory) spawns L95 ^^^ Dagoranon, Deep Protector - hits like a mack truck. You have 6s to cure the frontal attack. Bring an enchanter, this named has a reactive power drain when hit.--Ran this 6/24/12 and it was not a group update. The shell can only be clicked by one beastlord per instance. If you have multiple beastlords in a group you will need to run the zone for each beastlord. (Ran this on 1/13/12 and it WAS a group update IF all Beastlords present had previously clicked the shell and failed an attempt.) Ran this step 1-13-14 and was able to solo with a merc, bring cures though and watch out for them as the merc wont always catch them fast enough.
  1. Return to Warble in the Stonebrunt Highlands. He will send you to the Hole for three updates.
    • First is in the rat area of wing 1 [The Hole:(Entrace)eq2maps] at ( 34, 55, -64 ) /waypoint 34, 55, -64, you can jump down to it.
    • Second is Underfoot area of wing 3 [The Hole:(North Upper)eq2maps] underwater at ( 101, 39, -925 ) /waypoint 101, 39, -925
    • Third is on the Defenders side (wing 2) [The Hole:(West)eq2maps] in the lush garden named at ( 732, 125, -224 ) /waypoint 732, 125, -224
      • Note: to get to The Hole West. must zone into Dartain's Fortress.
      • click on foreign bulb to spawn Kortaag that is a pita just like the one in Conservatory. Stun or precure, the AE is a killer at level 95.
      • Note: If you do this Quest at level 95 you'll need two tanks, when the named splits during the fight and makes an exact clone of himself (including having the same name!). You MUST separate the split mobs far apart [at least 50m] and then kill each clone to get update. If you don't split the clones, they combine (after a certain amount of time) into a super Kortaag that will wipe the group. Position a solo healer between the two tanks.
  2. Return to Warble.
    • After you speak to Warble he teleports you to a special instance which resembles Kerra Isle, cross the bridge and the NPC will advise you to make it to the center of the village as fast as possible. [Take the normal way as tunnels are blocked!]
  3. Quest completes and you will be ported back to Warble to continue the next quest



This quest is for the fabled and mythical versions the Beastlord Epic Weapons.

You must be at least Level 90 in order to start/complete this quest line. The Fabled version of the epic requires only completing content of heroic difficulty at maximum, while the Mythical version requires completing several Epic encounters, culminating in one inside Temple of Rallos Zek: Foundations of Stone (Challenge).

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