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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Language
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone see Starting the Quest below
How to Start Examine a Fabric Patches, a common drop from all Fay

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Find and examine 7 more Fabric Patches. These can drop from treants, sirens, faeries or any other type of Fay all across Norrath. Good places to begin this quest include The Peat Bog and Greater Faydark.

  • In the Timourous Deep you can get these of the an alluring Shorecaller found on the southern shore of Mok Rent, just south of the Bloodworks.
  • In Greater Faydark, location 423, 52, 77, there is a group of about 10 "a corrupted sapling". These respawn very quickly, you'll be hard pressed to ever run out of little saplings to kill here. Got my language quest done and all but 1 item for the treant L&L quest also


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