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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Heritage  (AA)
Journal Level 85 (Tier 9)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Halls of the Unseen more
How to Start Talk to Misa Ravensoul at ( 111, 2, 33 ) Copy
part of: Dark Mail Gauntlets Timeline
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Back into the Fray!
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Steps[edit | edit source]

  1. Check your in-game mail to receive your first task (this will take 5-10 minutes until you receive the message).
  2. Speak to Cantile Digglefiz-1894, -32, -504 ) Copy in Windstalker Village in Antonica; kill her.
  3. Drop off the report at the Keep of the Ardent Needle in Antonica-547, -13, -325 ) Copy, at a drop barrel to the right of the entrance (outside).
  4. Check your in-game mail again for the next step. (Again, there will be a 5-10 minute delay until you receive the message).
  5. Speak to Kerand D'Gamd695, -49, -139 ) Copy in Darklight Wood; kill him.
  6. Take the report to a drop barrel just outside of the tunnel heading to Nektulos Forest711, -66, 75 ) Copy.
  7. Check your in-game mail once more. (Again, there will be a 5-10 minute delay until you receive the message).
  8. Speak to Norian Deathblow2492, 26, 1321 ) Copy in The Timorous Maw in Timorous Deep; kill him.
  9. Deposit the report in a drop barrel on the docks. ( 2392, 10, 1439 ) Copy
  10. Check your in-game mail. (Again, there will be a 5-10 minute delay until you receive the message).
  11. Speak to Kason Withershadow-375, -47, -256 ) Copy at The Crossroads in The Commonlands; kill him.
  12. Talk to Zadkiel X'aphon behind you. You will be given the Barrel to Butcherblock
  13. Zone into the Halls of the Unseen: The Takeover. This is a heroic instance and will zone your entire group in.
  14. Fight through the zone, and kill Evana L'Alval109, 2, 31 ) Copy
  15. Kill Misa Ravensoul175, -2, 59 ) Copy
  16. Loot the chest Misa drops
  17. Speak to Nyran Dudez2, 2, 0 ) Copy to complete the quest

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If you are completing this quest in your 80s, you will most likely need a group to defeat them.
  • Only one person in your group needs to hail the contacts to start the encounters.
  • Cantile, Kerand, Norian, and Kason all have a respawn time of 10 minutes. Actually funny that you have to make haste, but have to wait that much.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

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