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The Lesser Faydark
Levels 50-60
The Lesser Faydark.png
The Lesser Faydark
Introduced Echoes of Faydwer
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to Greater Faydark

Butcherblock Mountains
Loping Plains

Instances Obelisk of Blight

The Emerald Halls

Quest Lines Lesser Faydark Timeline
Harvesting Tier 6
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Of the many places I have seen, the forest known as the Lesser Faydark is of particular interest to me. Though at first glance it is but a sleepy shadow of its more expansive sibling, there is an air of magic and wonder here that transcends even the Greater Faydark.

In this forest, light and dark intermix to form shades of grey. Orcs and bandits are drawn here, as are the magical fay races and even the rare unicorn. But there are also odd dichotomies, such as the brownies who serve the power of Growth yet strike with a great wrath at any outsider, no matter their purpose.

It may be that the mingling of good and evil here makes this place what it is, and these powers hold each other in check. I feel as though this forest will always be in conflict, and even if one side would seem to prevail, its nemesis will be waiting for its turn to take hold and shift the balance once again.

Lesser Faydark is a mythical and magical place which has given home to the Fae for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The dangerous lands are now less occupied by the fae, and more by a few of the other more amazing creatures of Norrath such as the drake, the unicorn, and the brownies.

In the days since The Rending, The Lesser Faydark has changed immensely. The forest teems with the power of Tunare, goddess of nature and growth. The damp pine forests have been replaced with mushrooms bigger than castles and giant flowering vines. However, Void forces can be found in the darker parts of the forest, and evil magic flows down out of the Loping Plains. Although technically on the side of good, the fae inhabitants are ferociously distrustful of outsiders and will attack on sight. The Lesser Faydark remains a perilous region to journey through.


Tunare's Grove

Camp of the Legendary Wu

The Fae Court

Crown Point

Glade of the Unicorns

The Aphotic Intersection

The Shadowed Grove



There are several horse posts throughout the zone enabling adventurers to journey quickly and safely from one quest hub to another.

This is one of the few overland zones (perhaps the only one) that cannot be accessed via the any of the Worldwide Bells, Druid/Dragon Rings or Wizard Spires. Access is via one of the adjacent zones.


Dungeon Name Level Range Target Audience Zone Type Typical Duration
Obelisk of Blight 60-70 Group Instance 90 minutes
The Emerald Halls 70-80 Raid x4 Instance 72 hours

Revive locations[]

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