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* [[Left-Handed Sonic Wrench]] - All Mages, All Priests, and Crusaders; All Artisans
* [[Left-Handed Sonic Wrench]] - All Mages, All Priests, and Crusaders; All Artisans
* {{rewards}}
* {{rewards}}

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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Unknown
Journal Level level needed!
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone starting zone needed!
How to Start Speak to Didyma at Gnomeland Security Headquarters in Steamfont Mountains

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Choose the dialogue "There's nothing like celebrating with old friends, can I help with that?". "Tinkerfest is a time for celebrating with friends!" I've been asked to find an old friend of Didyma's out in the Moors of Ykesha, and ensure she's okay, since she hasn't turned up for the Tinkerfest parties yet.

  1. Head to Dropship Landing Zone in the Moors of Ykesha and look for Nell on the ground at ( 1745, 453, 796 ) /waypoint 1745, 453, 796.
    • The quickest way to Moors of Ykesha is by using the druid ring in Steamfont.
  2. Run back to Gnomeland Security Headquarters in the Steamfont Mountains.
    • Again, quickest route is going to be to use the druid ring in Moors to return to Steamfont.
  3. Head over to ( -538, 174, 953 ) /waypoint -538, 174, 953 and you will see a stealthy clockwork. He will despawn quickly and drop a wrench on the ground. Pick up the wrench.
  4. Return to wrench to Nell in Moors of Ykesha. She gives you a Clockwork Admin Key.
  5. Head back to Gnomeland Security Headquarters in Steamfont Mountains. Target a hidden clockwork at -596, 176, 933 Copy and examine the admin key to use it. You will be teleported into an instanced zone, Admin Level Access.
    • This zone has even ^^ con mobs, so be careful!
  6. Make your way east across the room (you may have to wait for mobs to path away) to the ramps to the upper level.
    • Invisibility and sneak will work here. Going up the southern ramp is the safest.
  7. On the central plank (northern side) of the upper level is the Geargobbler System ( 4, 15, -6 ) /waypoint 4, 15, -6. Go through all of its dialogue options for your update.
    • The safest way to this platform if you don't have invis is a well-aimed jump from the large eastern platform.
  8. Return to Nell in Moors of Ykesha to complete the quest.


Icon gears red (Common) This article refers to events, personae and activities only accessable in-game during the annual Tinkerfest festivities that occur roughly from the end of July to early August.

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