Permafrost, bastion of the Kromise.

The Kromise (Shattered Lands)
Thundering across the frigid tundra of Everfrost [are] the Kromise, giants formed of frost and ice. These titanic brutes have long claimed the chilly northlands and will not tolerate the presence of outlanders.

The Kromise are found in northern Everfrost, specifically around the Lady's View and within their frozen citadel called Permafrost. From within the keep, King Drayek, and the most powerful of Kromise keep watch over their lands and suffer no foreigner to pass. Permafrost was where Vox, the White Dragon once resided, and the Kromise were her caretakers. Although the physical manifestation of Vox has been removed from Norrath, it is rumored her spirit can still be found deep within Permafrost. Perhaps it is for this reason why the Kromise still actively defend it.

The Kromise dislike the recent barbarian incursion into Everfrost and formed an armament pack with the nearby Icegill Goblins to carry out raiding missions against them.

Kromise society is split into psuedo-tribes, with each tribe following one leader. They are as followes:

The Kromise consider all who approach them and certainly those that enter Permafrost uninvited as enemies.
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