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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) Crypt of Dalnir: Ritual Chamber (Solo) (Kunark Ascending)
Race Di'Zok
Level 101▲ Tier 11 Solo
Reported Drops none reported, try LootDB.
AA Exp unknown
Status Points unknown

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<Lord of the Crypt>

Look to the left and right side of the room to notice side rooms. At the end of each, is 'An inactive power source' {Left side (112, -173, -330)} {Right side (-112, -173, -330)}

Pick a side- doesn't matter which. Pull The Kly to that side just far enough into the room to see what color the orb becomes.

When The Kly emotes "My body! It must be rejuvenated!" you will receive the message "Soon the transfusion of blood will revitalize the Kly unless the ritual is disrupted! Turn off a matching power orb!"

  • His rejuvenation is a slow cast that gives you time to run up the ramp into the room at the top, where he spawned.

Go into the room and pick the side that you chose to view the orb from below. In the room will be 3 power orbs of different colors; choose the one that matches the one below and turn it off to interrupt the Kly's rejuvenation.

Return out to the rejuvenation room and pick a side again to rinse and repeat. View the orb below, run up the ramp into the room and choose it's color match until the Kly is dead. 

  • Note: Failure to choose his match on time will cause "My body is whole once again." He will return to full health.

Once he's dead, run up the ramp into the room up top. There is a teleport (-32, -163, -599) that will return you to the entrance of the zone to leave.