The Isle of Erollisi is part of a group of islands called The Chain of Tears. It is located in the area once called the Ocean of Tears and was one of the regular stops on the boat ride from Antonica to Faydwer (the first stop on the ride starting from the Freeport docks).

The Isle of Erollisi is the largest of the islands in the chain and also contains the highest mountain peak compared to the other islands. Unlike other peaks, this one is too steep to climb and even has ice forming at the highest point. It truly towers over all in the region. A stream flows and falls from the frozen peak and runs into the sea. Hidden behind the trees and waterfall is the hidden entrance to the Sisterhood village called Tearfall. A dock is built along the Southwest corner of the island for frequent stops by sailing vessels. Goods from the village of Tearfall are sold by the Sisterhood in a tiny outpost. Dugout rentals are also available for long and difficult trips to other islands that the ships do not anchor near. All creatures on this island are docile and protected by the Sisterhood of Erollisi.

Tearfall is the private sanctum of the Sisterhood of Erollisi. It is accessed via a hidden pass located behind a waterfall. The pass opens up into a crater like valley. The village is where the sisters train and hold contests. At first, only elvenkind were allowed in this sect formerly from the Greater Faydark Feir’Dal Empire. Now females from around the globe who have heard of this sect seek out this place and dare to challenge the sisters in combat for a chance to become one with them. Men are not welcome within this sanctum, other than those invited or the dwarven forge masters sworn to the service of the sisters. The village is small but contains all facilities needed by the sisters including a shrine to the great goddess of passion, Erollisi. A beautiful and towering statue has been carved into the face one of the inner cliffs by the dwarven forge masters.


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