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"Incompetent cheese eating vermin! How dare you let these intruders make it this far."

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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced LU12
Level Range 45-55
Access Quest Revelation
Zone in from Everfrost
Entrance is at

107, -4, -1143 ) Copy

Parent Zone Permafrost
Difficulty Raid x2
Persistence 90 minutes - 3 days
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Drops   POIs Discos

What does this information mean?


You have been sent here to investigate what exactly the roekillik are digging for. Surely they wouldn't toil in the frozen halls of Permafrost out of their own free-will unless being persuaded or forced to. Something is definitely afoot and only a team of brave adventurers can solve this mystery.


  • You need to be level 45+ to enter this instance.
  • You cannot enter this instance with an active mercenary. Suspend, then resume once inside.
  • Purchase Refined Explosive Charges from the shady merchant near the Icegill Lake Station in Everfrost at ( 207, -21, -1181 ) Copy, or alternatively loot Explosive Charges from the corpse of roekillik excavation chiefs inside the instance. These are used to destroy destructible walls and progress through the instance.
  • As you cross the bridge leading to the citadel courtyard you will notice you're getting stunned and silenced frequently. This is because of the two Frostpaw sentinels guarding the ramparts above the front gate. To deactivate them you must interact with a crystal on a wall deep within the citadel at ( 74, -28, -384 ) Copy.
  • If you failed to kill Kodan on your first attempt, when you resurrect, Kodan's fight mechanics will still be active. There are two idols in the cave where he spawns from that shoot a beam at a player for massive damage every few seconds as well as stunning/rooting. They have no line-of-sight. To disable them you must use Rygias Amulet of Dousing, received during the quest Harness, while standing near them. Unfortunately the only resurrection point in the instance is at the zone-in, far from these idols, and as such it can be frustrating to make the return journey. You can brave the slow walk back, or wait out the minimum lockout period of ninety minutes, reset and attempt again.