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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Shimmering Citadel
Journal Level 58 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Shimmering Citadel more
How to Start Examine The Handcrafted Music Box received from Kedar the Curator
part of: Shimmering Citadel Timeline
Preceded by:
The Master's Museum
Followed by:

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  1. Locate the Amber scarab in The Shimmering Citadel.
    It may be located in one of the following locations in the caves under the citadel:
    • -40, 80, 55 ) Copy: Under a purple tent after the short drop down from the zone-in in to The Shimmering Citadel
    • -30, 79, 6 ) Copy: Northwest of the tent near a group of 3 Kaentrik
    • 128, 91, -117 ) Copy: In the undead naga area underneath the Citadel
    Or it may be located in the rooms on the courtyard level, outside the main citadel building:
    • -276, 146, -49 ) Copy: In the room with Kedar the Curator
    • 138, 143, -19 ) Copy: In the water of the fountain in the courtyard
  2. Locate the Golden scarab inside The Poets Palace in one of the first floor rooms of the palace:
    • on the north side near the entrance wall.
    • -47, 146, -87 ) Copy: in the second room with books near pillows and a wall mirror.
    • -75, 145, -77 ) Copy: in the third room with books.
    • -109, 146, -91 ) Copy: in the third room near pillows and a stack of books.
    • -73, 146, -29 ) Copy: in the fourth room, west side
    • 26, 145, -113 ) Copy: first room
  3. Locate the Azure scarab inside The Poets Palace in one of the third floor rooms of the palace:
    This scarab is the same color as the blue tiles in the floor. It is very hard to see if it is on one of those tiles. Do not confuse it with a blue scarab which does not give an update.
    • In room with Nhjela the Mad Poet
    • In one of the scarab ring event rooms,
    • 76, 227, -112 ) Copy In The very end room through all the doors.
    • -2, 227, -87 ) Copy
    • 41, 227, 5 ) Copy
    • 77, 227, -10 ) Copy or ( 77, 227, -8 ) Copy
  4. Locate the Fire opal scarab inside The Poets Palace in one of the fourth floor rooms of the palace:
    • -75, 300, -15 ) Copy: in the room with the Keeper of Silence
    • in the room with a Creature of Beauty, behind creature near the wall
    • -46, 314, 17 ) Copy: in the Djinn Master room
    • -107, 295, -45 ) Copy: in middle room
  5. When you have all four scarabs, examine the music box. You are given an option to put in the scarabs in a certain order. In the past, the order decided which of the five rewards you would get. As of 2019, the musicbox received is random.
Scarab Sequence by Music Box
Musicbox Start with Next Sequence Final Sequence Key
Brusco's Boastful Musicbox Amber Scarab Gold, Azure, Fire Amber, Gold Azure, Fire A
Kazumi's Preserved Musicbox Golden Scarab Amber Gold, Azure, Fire none E
Kelkarn's Haunting Musicbox Azure Scarab Fire, Amber, Gold, Azure Azure, Gold, Amber, Fire C and D
Rizlona's Fiery Musicbox Golden Scarab Azure, Fire, Azure Amber, Gold Azure, Fire F
Selo's Rhythmic Musicbox Fire Opal Scarab Fire, Amber, Gold, Azure Amber, Gold, Azure, Fire G
Xobcisum Gnicudni Ytinasni S'narris Amber Scarab Azure, Fire, Amber, Gold Amber Gold, Azure, Fire B



  • There are no longer any prerequisites for entering The Poets Palace.
  • Although the journal lists this quest as solo, The Poets Palace is a heroic instance.