The Hand of Sacrifice

The Hand of Sacrifice

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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone The Feerrott (Shattered Lands)
Location Southwestern part of the zone ( -14, 26, 922 ) /waypoint -13.98, 26.14, 922.36
Discovery Location (AA) Yes

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The jungles of the Feerrott hold many mysterious artifacts and monuments. Of them I can say that the Hand of Thule is the most interesting. These monuments are shaped like stone hands reaching up from the ground. Some have surmised that these were some form of arcane terraforming devices. Over time they would transform the landscape around them into the likeness of the deadly, horrifying moors of Modinthule, the plane of fear. There are only two Hands of Thule left intact in the jungle, a must see for any explorer.


  • A similar 'Hand of Thule' can be seen at ( -620, -9, 586 ) /waypoint -620, -9, 586.
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