A guardian of Thyr

The Guardians of Thyr (Shattered Lands)
Deep within the fiery abyss of the volcanic lands dwell the Guardians of Thyr, cruel fire giants. From an underworld they call Thyr they act as a frontline defense of their master, the red dragon, Lord Nagafen.

The Guardians of Thyr occupy the lower levels of Solusek's Eye, protecting the heart of the dungeon, Nagafen's Lair. While the above paragraph, taken from the in-game factions tab, states that the 'underworld' they live in is called 'Thyr', the fire giants' leader is named Flame Lord Thyr. Perhaps this is a development oversight or perhaps the leader of the faction assumes the name 'Thyr' upon their ascension to ruler.

No known enemies
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