Three Toes Valley

Three Toes Valley in Zek, one the areas under the protection of the Green Hoods.

The Green Hoods (Shattered Lands)
The Green Hoods are an elite band of resistance fighters located on the Orcish Wastes. Before the Shattering, this force was a highly mobile regiment of the Qeynos Guard. They have since broken off to form their own organization while still aiding Qeynos whenever possible.
One of the creeds of the Green Hoods is defense of woodland lands. For this reason they were drawn to the former Jaggedspine Forest, commonly known now as Zek, the Orcish Wastes. Here, together with a small contingency of the Far Seas Trading Company, they represent the only non-orc fighting force on the island. As orcs of the Deathfist Empire have cut-down almost every tree on the island, the Green Hoods have taken up the defense of the remaining trees and wildlife of the region. With the multitude of orcs in the zone, the Green Hoods are forced to use guerrilla tactics of subtlety and sabotage to carry out this cause.
The Green Hoods also maintain a presence in Antonica where their former training ground of Archer's Wood still stands. The faction is led by The Glademaster.
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