Icon stein 01 (Common) This article refers to events, personae and activities only present in-game during the annual Brew Day celebration, which comes to Norrath each year the week of March 17th.

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The Great Brewday Pub Crawl
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Have a handcrafted Brewday beverage from each of the following locations. These lively libations are available for purchase from vendors only during the Brewday celebration!

Drink a Sweet Wheat Ale from Windstalker Village
Drink a Timorous Deep Punch from the Timorous Deep dock
Drink a Thunderweisen from Thundering Steppes dock
Drink some Moonshine from Commonlands Crossroads

Drink some of Brell's Own Brew in Brell's Bar
Drink a Warm Sake Bomber from the Isle of Mara
Drink a Drunkdrinker's Distilled Spirits from Butcherblock dock
Drink a glass of Jim's Hardjum Cider from the Enchanted Lands dock

Suffix Title: the Lush

Vendor locationsEdit

Drink Zone Merchant Location
Sweet Wheat Ale Antonica Lanice ( -1895, -36, -612 ) /waypoint -1895, -36, -612
Timorous Deep Punch Timorous Deep Quarixt Iinkr'al ( 2331, 14, 1379 ) /waypoint 2331, 14, 1379
Thunderweisen The Thundering Steppes Merchant Stoker ( -448, -18, -431 ) /waypoint -448, -18, -431
Moonshine Commonlands Merchant Edmond ( -494, -43, -264 ) /waypoint -494, -43, -264
Brell's Own Brew Bar of Brell Mraugl Stonecrusher ( 350, -20, 151 ) /waypoint 350, -20, 151
Warm Sake Bomber The Village of Shin Darwan Grogswyllr ( -92, -2, 106 ) /waypoint -92, -2, 106
Drunkdrinker's Distilled Spirits Butcherblock Mountains Bellenda Drunkdrinker ( 667, 24, 590 ) /waypoint 667, 24, 590
Jim's Hardjum Cider Enchanted Lands Jimminy Jimjum ( 43, 2, 44 ) /waypoint 43, 2, 44



The ability Sober Up is granted during The Great Pub Crawl to cancel drunk effects.

You will get a temporary ability (can only be used during the this event/this quest) called Sober Up. If you havea clear space in your hotbar it will appear.

  • See the main Brew Day page for more tips and tricks for sobering up during this event.
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