EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Unknown
Recommended Levellevel needed!
Starting Zonestarting zone needed!
Starting the Questhow to start needed!

What does this information mean?

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Name of the timeline or blank if not part of a timeline. See also: Category:Timelines
Required Quest Category according to Quest Journal. Valid values are Heritage, Signature, Hallmark, Lore and Legend, Catalog, City Task, etc. or a Zone name. ONE exception to this is Armor Quests, which are listed as Hallmark (I think) but we will list them as Armor so they make sense. If this field is blank, szone is assumed. See also: Category:Quests by Category
IF this is a City Task quest, put the name of the city faction here! See also: Category:Factions
Required Recommended level to complete this quest
Difficulty of the final step. Valid values are Solo, Group, and Epic (Default: Solo)
Required starting zone (no brackets!)
Name of Expansion, Adventure Pack or LU# (Default: Shattered Lands) See Category:Updates and it's sub-categories
Name of pre-requisite quest, or leave it blank
Required How to start this quest. Imbed links as needed!
Next quest in series, or leave it blank

Sample Call

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{{by|Normal Quests|Zone}}{{CatAZ}}
and follow this redlink, paste (Ctrl-V) it in the edit window and hit Save page. Thanks!
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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Everfrost
Journal Level 42 (Tier 5)
Journal Difficulty Normal
Starting Zone Everfrost more
How to Start how to start needed!

What does this information mean?



or you can use the shortcut


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