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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Heritage
Journal Level 70 (Tier 8)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Butcherblock Mountains more
How to Start Speak to Juna Crankfizz at ( 635, 26, 588 ) /waypoint 635, 26, 588 on the Butcherblock Docks.
part of: Cloak of Flames Timeline
Preceded by:
The Fourth Warrior - Jhal'Dolek
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  1. Juna sends you to Greater Faydark with Lense Manufactory that will summon Minute Reflection Amplifiers when activated.
  2. In Greater Faydark, summon the amplifiers and wear them. You will now be able to see previously invisible miniscule spider webs. These look like harvestable collectibles; however, they have the words "miniscule spider web" above them rather than ?'s. They are also tabable, although the range is very small. They can vanish before harvesting them like regular harvest nodes so don't delay!.
  3. Harvest 20 miniscule spider webs.
    • The highest concentration of spawn points is around ( -825, 80, -143 ) /waypoint -825, 80, -143. Fewer, but still some are around ( -451, 19, 109 ) /waypoint -451, 19, 109. A lot of Giant spiders wander this area along the river, and as far as the spires. There is also a small concentration of miniscule spider webs near the entrance to New Tunaria.
    • You can use a Gnomish Divining Rod (250 Tinkering or purchase off the broker) to track the spider webs.(mispelled as Minuscule)
  4. Return to Juna for your reward!
Miniscule spider silks


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