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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Butcherblock Mountains
Journal Level 70 (Tier 8)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Butcherblock Mountains more
How to Start Speak to Juna Crankfizz at ( 635, 26, 588 ) /waypoint 635, 26, 588 on the Butcherblock Docks.
part of: Cloak of Flames Timeline
Preceded by:
The Fourth Warrior - Making the New Cloak
Followed by:
The Fourth Warrior - Unification
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  1. Juna asks you to heat the leather cloak.
  2. Go to Steamfont Mountains, to the geyser area (the one with the steam elementals and harpies).
  3. Mine flamesalt in the area around ( -670, 75, 1475 ) /waypoint -670, 75, 1475 near the vents, before the water.
  4. You need to summon Jhal'Dolek (70^^ heroic).
    • Stand on top of one of the vents (It’s not geysers in the water, try all the cracks in the ground before you go into the water ( -680, 79, 1480 ) /waypoint -680.15, 79.42, 1480.49)
      • You may want to use the Paste on the cloak at this time, however this will put the elemental incurable effect on you. There seems to be a bit of a bug, the message won't appear until he does but if he dies before the message shows you have to summon him again.
    • Use the flamesalt in your inventory. This summons either Jhal'Dolek the air elemental or a fire elemental. Kill the fire elementals till the named spawns.
      • You can repeat the harvest of flamesalt to use on other vents, but can only harvest one flamesalt at a time, and may use it on a different vent.
  5. Before Jhal'Dolek appears, right click and use the paste Juna gave you. BE SURE you equipped the cloak Juna gave to you with the quest BEFORE using the paste, or it won't work.
    • Jhal'Dolek appears aggroed, but does not immediately attack, so you have a moment to use the paste. However, once in combat you may not be able to use the paste.
    • You will get an update message that the cloak has erupted into flames. This puts an incurable effect on you for 15 minutes or until you zone/evac.
  6. While the cloak is on fire, kill Jhal'Dolek. He drops a chest with the Heart of Jhal'Dolek in it.
  7. Use the heart on the cloak, you need to be level 65+ to use the heart.
    • The heart can be traded so everyone in your party can use it on their cloaks.
    • The Heart must be used before one leaves the zone.
  8. Return to Juna.
  • Warning:
    • You MUST apply the paste before Jhal'Dolek dies, or the quest will NOT advance. You will have to go back to Juna for another cloak and more paste! Just delete the quest. Best to apply paste BEFORE combat.
    • If you die after applying the paste you will have to go back to Juna for more paste! Just delete the quest.


Experience and AA experience only

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