The Fortress of Drunder Timeline
Recommended Levels 90 to 90
Introduced: LU60
Difficulty: Heroic
Starts in: The Fortress of Drunder

The Fortress of Drunder is a hub zone for several instances. The quest lines will start in The Fortress of Drunder itself and take players through the three single-group instances in order of difficulty.

There are four quest-giving NPCs in the zone. One, Whipmaster Snargeant, offers the daily missons. Each of the other three will give you a quest for each instance. The first quest will take place in Spire of Rage, the second in Strategist's Stronghold, and the final in Tower of Tactics.

Players must be at level 90 to enter any of the instances. Initially, players will only be able to access Spire of Rage by themselves. The questline offered by Donhall Somerled will unlock Strategist's Stronghold and Tower of Tactics. Players without access to Strategist's Stronghold and Tower of Tactics can be called into those zones from Drunder by anyone who does have access. Call of the Veteran does not work.

Donhall SomerledEdit


Muram BladebenderEdit

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