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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature  (AA)
Journal Level 85 (Tier 9)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone The City of Freeport more
How to Start Speak with a Juggernaut taskmaster in the City of Freeport between West Freeport and South Freeport once you have collected 6 gambling chips (see prerequisites below)
part of: Bruiser Epic Weapon Timeline
Preceded by:
Followed by:
The Broken Fist
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  1. Go to The Golden Scepter in Maj'Dul. Outside, on the west side, talk to Gulan of the horizon ( 122, 140, -122 ) /waypoint 122, 140, -122. Pay him 2 platinum to have Alim tell his story. Listen to it. Do not leave until the line "One thing is for sure, Gorynn's Fist did exist and it is revered as the greatest weapon a bruiser could weild." is said.
    • Note: This part does not create an entry in your journal.
    • Warning: If you leave before the story is finished, you will not be able to complete the quest and will have to listen to the story again, costing you another 2 platinum.
  2. Hail a Juggernaut taskmaster ( 52, -11, 188 ) /waypoint 52, -11, 188 in Freeport, on the path from West to South Freeport. You need to speak Oggish to talk to this guy, which can be bought in East Freeport from Krishana. Keep hailing him until he says something about the champion being late with the chips.
  3. Go to the docks of in South Freeport and hail a roughhouser champion ( -268, -56, 202 ) /waypoint -268, -56, 202. She mentions having to go to 6 places.
  4. Collect the gambling chips from the bars within the City of Freeport. They are clickable coins beside playing cards:
  5. Return to the Juggernaut taskmaster to receive the quest. ( 52, -11, 188 ) /waypoint 52, -11, 188


  1. Defeat 6 Dreadnaught Champions (in any order) in the City of Freeport:
    • a Roughhouser Champion (79^) on the South Freeport docks ( -270, -56, 201 ) /waypoint -270, -56, 201
    • a Bonebraker Champion (80^) in Dreadnaught's Plaza in West Freeport ( 278, -4, 122 ) /waypoint 278, -4, 122
    • an Intimidator Champion (81^) on a ledge in North Freeport ( -70, -19, -316 ) /waypoint -70, -19, -316
    • an Enforcer Champion (82^) in East Freeport ( -60, -38, 10 ) /waypoint -60, -38, 10
    • a Menacer Champion (82^^) behind the arena in West Freeport ( 288, -3, 44 ) /waypoint 288, -3, 44
    • a Brutalizer Champion (82^^) in a cell in the basement of the Freeport Militia House
      • Note: In order to unlock his cell door, kill a Freeport Militia cellmaster ( 159, -7, 146 ) /waypoint 159, -7, 146 on the 2nd floor and out to the rear of the same building. She will drop a padlock key that will allow you to enter the cell. The Brutalizer will drop a lockpick which will let you out of the cell again. He can also be hailed through the bars (you may have to target hit feet). He will then run out to attack you.
  2. Return to a Juggernaut taskmaster. ( 52, -11, 188 ) /waypoint 52, -11, 188
  3. Go to the Dreadnaught's Plaza in West Freeport and enter the Juggernaut Gymnasium. ( 253, -3, 76 ) /waypoint 253, -3, 76
  4. Speak to The Big Boss. He'll become attackable. Kill Him (level 81^) and loot Gorynn's Fist.
    • Once you have the First, equip it and hit any mob. The fist breaks immediately and you receive "a broken Gorynn's Fist". Examine the broken fist for the next quest, The Broken Fist.

Note: 11/10/2012 Level 10 mobs didn't break weapon, level 77 mob did, when mentored to level 80.


This quest is part of the Bruiser Epic Weapon Timeline, and can only be started/completed by a member of that class of at least Level 80.

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