The Enchanted Lands1

An image of The Enchanted Lands as appears on the world map.

The Enchanted Lands was the central portion of the former super-continent of Antonica that broke apart during The Rending. At that time the region was known as the Misty Thicket, and was was situated at the halfway point between Freeport and Qeynos. After The Age of Cataclysms, most of the environment comprising the Misty Thicket had either been destroyed or was now part of other continents. Today, The Enchanted Lands denotes the zones of Enchanted Lands, Rivervale, and Runnyeye Citadel.

The Enchanted Lands2

An image of The Enchanted Lands as appears on the world map, zoomed in.

As stated in Enchanted Lands Creature Catalog, "The Enchanted Lands have a high concentration of mana, and therefore they are inhabited by many fey beings," such as halflings and faries. The Enchanted Lands are also home to the Goblins of Runnyeye, and recently are a host to The Enchanted Reapers, demons from another world.

A central theme of The Enchanted Lands is the reclamation of lost territory by the halflings in the aftermath of The Rending and subsequent demonic invasion. The Guardians of the Vale are the remnant of the halfling military and are the only force left defending the area against total demonic corruption.

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