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timeline - Name of the timeline or blank if not part of a timeline
jcat - Quest Category according to Quest Journal. Valid values
are None, Heritage, Signature, Hallmark, Lore and Legend, Catalog,
City Task, etc. or a Zone name. Default is szone, below.
level - recommended level to complete this quest
diff - difficulty of the final step. Valid values are Solo, Heroic,
and Epic. Default is Solo.
szone - starting zone (no brackets!) REQUIRED
patch - name of expansion, adventure pack or LU##. Default
is Shattered Lands
prereq - name of pre-requisite quest, or leave it blank
start - how to start this quest. Imbed links as needed! REQUIRED
next - next quest in series, or leave it blank
timeline = Greater Faydark|
timeline = Greater Faydark|
jcat = Greater Faydark|
jcat = Greater Faydark|
level = 18|
level = 18|
diff = |
diff = Solo|
szone = Greater Faydark|
szone = Greater Faydark|
patch = Echoes of Faydwer|
patch = Echoes of Faydwer|
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*One of the following:
*One of the following:
**[[Cured Wraps]] ''(Wrist)''
**[[Cured Wraps]]
**[[Belt of Woven Growth]] ''(Waist)''
**[[Belt of Woven Growth]]
**[[Dewtrap Vest]] ''(Chain Armor)''
**[[Dewtrap Vest]]
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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Greater Faydark
Journal Level 18 (Tier 2)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Greater Faydark more
How to Start Speak with Tuathil Laeds in the Valley of the Great Swarm at ( -568.43,51.61,28.86 )
part of: Greater Faydark Timeline
Preceded by:
Corruptor Thurizil (Quest)
Followed by:
The Plan

What does this information mean?


  1. Do the following steps (in no particular order):
  2. Return to Tuathil Laeds


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