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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category The City of Qeynos  (AA)
Journal Level 25 (Tier 3)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Qeynos Province District more
How to Start Examine the Dusty Blue Stone given to you by Vida Sweeps
Preceded by:
Vida Needs a New Broom
Followed by:
Restoring Ghoulbane

What does this information mean?


You no longer need to have at least 90 skill in Mining to harvest in The Thundering Steppes, following the release of the Tears of Veeshan expansion.


  1. Speak with Gruffin Goldtooth in Qeynos Province District (Elddar Grove) at ( 753, -15, -291 ) /waypoint 753, -15, -291
  2. Gather 40 rock samples from windswept stones in The Thundering Steppes
    • This requires 40 harvests not pieces. 1 update per successful harvest (except bountiful harvests give two updates)
    • Note: If you haven't completed A Gathering Obsession, Part III, or the first step of Journeyman Service, now is a great time to multitask. You may also want to pick up Tiffin for Duggin and select to harvest around this area (Thundering Steppes).
  3. Return to Gruffin Goldtooth
  4. Speak with Aristide Calais in the Concordium Tower (red portal) in Qeynos Capitol District (South Qeynos) at ( 711, 41, 107 ) /waypoint 711, 41, 107
  5. Speak with Olden Highguard in Village of Thundermist in The Thundering Steppes at ( 613, -1, -56 ) /waypoint 613, -1, -56
  6. Return to Aristide Calais (red portal)
  7. Speak with Toranim Skyblade in front of the Temple of Life in Qeynos Capitol District at ( 535, -32, -174 ) /waypoint 535, -32, -174
  8. Go to Stormhold and kill between 25 and 30 (random number) powerful undead.
    • Any undead in the zone satisfy the quest.
    • Note:In the last step when going to Stormhold if you mentor down to level 20, you can pull mobs and AoE them quicker.
  9. Return to Toranim Skyblade


Toranim Skyblade offers you the quest Restoring Ghoulbane.

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