Fallen Dynasty Titles
100 pebbles - the Persistant
150 pebbles - the Fragrant
200 pebbles - the Vigilant
250 pebbles - the Fox
300 pebbles - the Decimator
500 pebbles - Sagacious
500 pebbles - Golden Sun

Suffix title earned by giving 300 monk pebbles to Huang in the Whistling Fist Clan's Tower on the Isle of Mara. You earn the pebbles by completing the quests called The Trials of ______ (for example, The Trials of Qin Lo). By completing these repeatable quests you earn (from 5 up) pebbles. There is a 2-day lockout on the instanced trial zones and there are at least 5 trials found on scrolls within the tower. Also, pebbles can randomly drop from mobs inside the instances but it is rare.

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