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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Nektulos Forest  (AA)
Journal Level 29 (Tier 3)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Nektulos Forest more
How to Start Talk to Szin Te'val at the bottom of N'Mar's Ascent on the left-hand side. ( -344, 0, -1264 ) /waypoint -344, 0, -1264
part of: Nektulos Forest Timeline
Preceded by:
The Weak
Followed by:
The Champion

What does this information mean? This quest is part 17 of a 19-quest series in the Nektulos Forest Timeline.

Steps Edit

This is the second of several quests that take place in the Sanctorium of the Trials. This instanced zone is accessed via the doorway beside Szin. ( -350, 3, -1260 ) /waypoint -350, 3, -1260

  1. Kneel to the Sanctorium of the Trials torch (examine it) to activate the door.
  2. Click the door to enter the Chamber of the Unavailing version of Sanctorium of the Trials.
  3. Slay two waves of zombies inside:
  4. Exit the instance and talk to Szin.

Rewards Edit

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