This vampire crypt was supposed to have remained a secret. Now that the master vampire has been freed, he seeks to eradicate all that knew of his lair's existence.

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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Bloodline Chronicles
Level Range 50
Access Quest [[see below]]
Zone in from The Tombs of Night
Entrance is at

( -106, -32, 102 ) /waypoint -106, -32, 102

Parent Zone The Crypt of T'haen
Difficulty Raid x4
Persistence 3 days - 5 days
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
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To enter you must have completed A Vicious Twist (The Hand of Marr) or Crushing Betrayal (The Brethren) in the Bloodline Chronicles Timeline to be granted the option to choose this instance or the heroic instance, The Crypt of T'haen.


  • Soloing: Mentor down to 55 or 60.


The objective is to kill T'Haen the Lost. Zone in and run around the bottom level clearing every mob and entering every possible cave/alcove to slay the named monsters. Behind every named monster there is a clickable orb that must be turned off in order to bypass the invisible wall that blocks access to the passageway that leads to the upper levels. Once all the orbs are turned off, fight your way to T'Haen who is located at the top of the central pillar, The Crimson Crown.

As you approach the boss, T'Haen will kill T'Rath and after a short speech become attackable. He will summon some vampire bats that should be disposed of quickly.

T'Haen is a DPS check: you must kill him quickly and ideally not long after he begins creating copies. He also has a minor AE knockback that throws you about two feet so be sure you're not standing at the edge of the platform. If the main tank gets knocked off the platform, T'Haen will reset. Have the tanks grab the copies and hold aggro, but no DPS should be on them. Rather, all DPS should be working on the original T'Haen the entire time.

If you do not kill the boss in 45 seconds or so he will begin to spawn copies of himself. It starts with three copies and then multiplies fast. At 95 seconds you can have the boss and as many as fifteen copies attacking you, which would imply a set of three copies created every 10 seconds.

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