The Crypt of Betrayal
Levels 18-26
Kane Bayle's Tomb.png
Introduced Shattered Lands
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to Vermin's Snye
Instances The Deathly Scarab Hive
Quest Lines Qeynos Catacombs Timeline
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Most of the Bayles were buried above-ground, but there's Bayle down here whose crypt I keep. In the days of Antonius Bayle the Third the Cryptkeeper Maglus then used to have to chase the boys out of the crypts. Except for that Kane Bayle. Now, I know he grew up to be a villain and all, but apparently he was a real thoughtful as a boy. Always stopped to chat with the Maglus of his day, bringing in some of his friends to keep her company. He may have ended up wrong, but he was a good boy.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Crypt of Betrayal is the deepest section of the Qeynos catacombs, the stronghold of the remnants of the Bloodsabers and the burial place of Qeynos's most legendary traitor: Kane Bayle. Third son to Antonius Bayle III and Linnet Bayle, Kane was destined for greatness. Although, perhaps he knew that he could never hope to outshine his older brother Antonius Bayle IV. Kane, being just two years younger than his brother, knew that he would never be ruler of Qeynos as long as his brother lived. Irregardless, in his early years, Kane honored his namesake and kept Qeynos safe, eventually rising to the position of Captain of the Qeynos Guard.

Sometime before his ascension to Captain of the Guard, he met and fell into a romance with a popular Qeynosian singer of unknown name. Unbeknownst to Kane at the start of their affair was that this particular vixen was a Bloodsaber, worshiper of Bertoxxulous, who rules over the Plane of Disease. The more Kane tasted of her forbidden fruit the more the fleshy finger of Bertoxxulous wrapped itself around Kane's soul. Kane became entranced and eager to learn more of the forbidden cult. The Bloodsabers needed Kane for his strength, knowledge and above all, connections.

From his place of power, during the days leading up to the final battle of the War of Plagues, Kane Bayle, now simultaneously the leader of the Qeynos Guard and an influential member of their sworn enemy, cast his lot. He began to ignore warnings from his subordinates in the Guard and purposely allow the Bloodsabers to gain a foothold in the qeynos catacombs. His plan was to wait until the right moment when the Qeynos Guard would be severely weakened through the escalating battles against Varsoon the Undying and his undead hordes, open all entrances to the catacombs, and allow the Bloodsabers to bring mighty Qeynos into ruin. Fortunately for Qeynos, events transpired that eventually lead to the collapse of the Bloodsabers morale and the war swung in Qeynos's favor.

Kane was put on trial, found guilty of treason and hanged.

Still a Bayle, but unworthy to be entombed above-ground in the glory of Qeynos, his remains were sentenced to a cold eternity deep within the catacombs. Like the banner of their twisted faith, the Bloodsabers slowly began to infest Kane's burial site. In time, the entire level of the catacombs became overrun with Bloodsabers and undead. What was once a place to honor Qeynosian heroes had become: The Crypt of Betrayal.

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