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(12/17/04) Cogglesworth's Comprehensive Compendium, Part 1
(01/03/05) Cogglesworth's Comprehensive Compendium, Part 2
(01/11/05) A Light in the Forest
(01/28/05) The Scrying Stones
(02/18/05) Sabotage!
(02/25/05) James and the Far Talon
(03/04/05) Cogglesworth's Comprehensive Compendium, Part 3
(03/04/05) Fevered Dreams
(03/11/05) The Mouth of Darkness
(03/18/05) The Calling of the Crypt
(03/25/05) Cogglesworth's Comprehensive Compendium, Part 4
(04/01/05) The Fall of the Mighty T'Haen
(05/24/05) Frogloks - The Long Journey Home
(05/25/05) Frogloks - 'Lost'
(05/26/05) Frogloks - 'Hunted'
(06/03/05) Cogglesworth's Tour of Norrath: Part 1
(06/13/05) A Message From Below
(06/21/05) The Howling in the Darkness
(06/23/05) Cogglesworth's Tour of Norrath: Part 2
(07/08/05) The Fall of Faroth Mal
(07/22/05) All the Right Elements
(07/28/05) Investing in the Future
(08/26/05) Cogglesworth's Tour of Norrath: Part 3
(09/12/05) The Will of the Overlord
(09/15/05) Shore Leave
(09/23/05) The Courts of Maj'Dul
(09/29/05) The Desert Regions and City of Maj'Dul
(10/06/05) Dungeons in the Desert
(11/18/05) New Griffon Towers
(01/13/06) The Discovery of the Desert of Flames
(02/06/06) The Shadow of the Blade
(02/10/06) Erollisi Day: "The Essence of Romance"
(02/17/06) Answering the Call
(02/23/06) The Twilight Tangle
(04/13/06) The Rise of the Orcs
(05/25/06) The Shores of Mara
(06/09/06) Dark Dreams
(06/29/06) Revelations
(08/04/06) The Shadow of Fear, the Light of Valor
(10/04/06) The Calling of the Guardian
(11/10/06) The Whispers of the Spires
(11/15/06) The Shores of Growth

The desert of Ro is a harsh and unyielding place. The only major city remaining after the Shattering is Maj'Dul--the seat of the Dervish empire. Maj'Dul was originally a fortress for Ahkari, the first Dervish sultan. As he gathered the various tribes of Dervin under his banner, Maj'Dul slowly became the center of Dervin activity and, consequently, a city full of intrigue and danger.

It is rumored that Ahkari went insane and leapt from the palace walls to his death. Akhari's death was the event that led to the formation of the Courts and to the decline and instability of the Dervish empire. After his death, Ahkari's sons could not agree on who should lead the empire, so they formed the Courts of Maj'Dul and ruled their own individual followers.

The courts of Maj'Dul are three separate factions within the city that vie for power over the remnants of the Dervish empire. They have each established an outpost at the docks, and their goal is to attract new arrivals to their competing causes. Asim Jul represents the Court of the Blade, Shahid Baligh represents the Court of the Coin, and Atyaf Nasiha represents the Court of Truth. You are encouraged to converse with these individuals, as collectively the courts are the most powerful political force in these lands.

The Court of the Blades, currently headed by Dukarem, believes they must lead the Dervish empire through military force to expand it. Dukarem succeeded his father, Dukar, as the leader. Dukarem's son, Dukaris, is rumored to be quite the hero and is called the Champion of the People. The Court of the Blade is responsible for the protection of Maj'Dul and the Dervish empire. They are in need of barrashar, such as yourself, who is interested in serving the greatest good by protecting the empire.

The Court of the Coin, headed by Neriph, seeks to lead and revive the Dervish empire through commerce and trading. It is rumored that Neriph was unprepared to lead the Coin when his father, Omren, died; and, that he depends heavily upon his advisors. The Court of the Coin seeks to enhance our civilization through the prosperity of our economy and trade. They have need of your skills if you're prepared to serve.

The Court of Truth, headed by Ishara, seeks to control the Dervish empire through its complex judicial system and is charged as the caretakers of all essential knowledge. Ishara became the caliph of Truth when his father, Ishti, was exiled. It is rumored that the prized aqueducts in Maj'Dul are having problems, and Ishara is looking for help in solving this. The Court of Truth seeks to advance the empire through learning and order. They are the keepers of Dervish law. They also use their knowledge to preserve life through medicine and finding vital sources of water in this land. The Court of Truth has use for your talents, if you're willing to lend them.

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The Courts of Maj'Dul 01

The Court of the Blades

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The Court of the Coin

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The Court of Truth

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