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EverQuest II Zone Information
Introduced Desert of Flames
Level Range 1-70
Adjacent Zones Maj'Dul
Instance Group
Timelines none
Quests NPCs Monsters Named Monsters
Drops Instances POIs Discos

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Notes[edit | edit source]

This zone can be entered after you reach kindly faction (20,000+) with the Court of Truth. See Court of Truth Timeline for the repeatable quests which can be used to raise your faction. You can also obtain insignia tokens which can be exchanged in the Tower of the Moon for faction with the Court.

Insignia tokens can be attained either by doing Tears Grifter quests or by killing guards for the Court of the Blades or the Court of the Coin. Inside the court you may gain more faction by doing the Court of Truth Timeline. You must reach ally faction to complete the quest timeline. To earn the Paragon of Truth title. you must be level 60, have full ally faction (50,000) and complete the Earning Rank quest.

The most efficient method of increasing your faction with the Court of Truth is to repeatedly clear the guard towers controlled by the opposing factions, but do not take control of the towers. Instead, collect the Coin and Blades insignia tokens and trade them in for faction. This method is much faster than completing quests, and once you have reached the maximum faction with the Court, you can begin the final series of quests starting with Court of Truth: In the Name of Love

Inside the headquarters there are:

  1. Norrathian Express mailbox
  2. Banker
  3. Freeport and Qeynos brokers
  4. Mender
  5. Faction merchant that will sell advanced Tier 6 crafting recipes (Heirloom)
  6. A merchant that you can sell any status loot items to
  7. Merchants that sell Journeyman versions of Tier 6 combat arts and spells
  8. Court Treasures merchant that will sell you house pets, catalogues for catalogue quests, special armor, mounts and residency licenses that allow you to buy housing in Maj'Dul.
  9. A quest giver for Becoming a Resident of Ro that will give you Call of Ro to return to Maj'Dul.

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