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Unlike the undead and Bloodsabers in the catacombs directly under Qeynos, goblins rule here.

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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced LU01
Level Range 25 - 30 Heroic
Access Quest The Condemned Catacomb Key
Zone in from Antonica
Entrance is at

On the island north of the quest givers at ( -1141, -24, -1051 ) Copy

Parent Zone None
Difficulty Group
Persistence 90 mintues - 3 days
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

What does this information mean?

  • Formerly, players had to complete the access quest, The Condemned Catacomb Key, but this is no longer necessary. However, a player must be on a related quest to gain access to the instance, and if they desire permanent access then the former access quest must still be completed.

Entrance to the Condemned Catacomb at night.


  • Zone to Antonica ( -215, -0, -53 ) Copy


A long lost portion of the Qeynos Catacombs has been discovered, and with it a horde of dark and vile goblins. The Concordium fears that the catacomb is home to the dark mage, Vindiami the Ancient, who the Necrosis Goblin Clan is attempting to awaken. Hearkening the words of The Concordium, The Celestial Watch has dispatched an emissary to this remote region of Antonica to investigate the situation and recruit any willing adventurers who would like to assist in ridding the world of these dangerous evils.


Vindiami the Ancient watches over his subjects.

All related quests can be picked up at the camp at the very top of the cliff above the entrance to the instance.