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Use this section as a notepad to list every single mob, including Monsters, Named Monsters, and NPCs, you can find in the zone as an aid to completion. Don't worry initially about whether the mob's article exists or not!

Lakes and StreamsEdit

West Freeport GateEdit

Northern Crossroads SavannaEdit

The Dog PondEdit

The Siege LandsEdit

Southern Crossroads SavannaEdit

Turmoil CemetaryEdit


Villages south of CrossroadsEdit

Dead Man's ValleyEdit

Smuggler's PathEdit

Smuggler's DockEdit

Shin'Ree CemetaryEdit

East Nomad CampEdit

Ulteran Spires (CL)Edit

Dog Trapper LakeEdit

Lucan's Mount - in center of Dog Trapper Lake

Dead Horse ValleyEdit

Pride LakeEdit

The Tower of ZarvonnEdit

Graveyard PlainsEdit

Enlightenment CemetaryEdit

Druid PlainEdit

Forgotten ValleyEdit

The Commonlands (southwest)Edit

Commonlands Druid RingsEdit

Yapping MazeEdit

The Commonlands (far west)Edit

New QuestsEdit

List any quests you encounter that you are pretty sure are new


  • Put anything here that might need incorporation into the main article.
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