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The Commonlands
Levels 10-20
High noon in The Commonlands, with The Crossroads on the right and The City of Freeport on the left.
Introduced Shattered Lands
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to via border:

via Ulteran Spire:

Quest Lines The Commonlands Timeline
Harvesting Tier 2
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The Commonlands is a vast arid land, but was not always so. This land that was once lush and vibrant has been ravaged by what some scholars say was the lingering death throw of the curse of Solusek Ro that long ago destroyed the Eldarr Forest. The land is now ungracious to Freeportians and traveler alike. What little spots of hospitality that exist amidst the badlands and ruins are often contended for by beast, bandit and orc.

While the Commonlands appear to be just a backwater waste chosen by fate to host the great city of Freeport, with a little digging, it's past glory can still be held.


The City of Freeport from The Commonlands

Located on the east side of the Shattered Lands upon the continent D'Lere, the region is a battle-scarred subtropical savanna. It is embraced by titanic jagged mountains called Razorrock Ridge and scattered with clumps of trees and kopjes. Many battles have been waged on these lands and orc and human ruins are common sights amidst the beautiful and deadly land.

Once this region was a haven for the Deathfist Empire orc legions. The Deathfist Empire seemingly was driven from The Commonlands during the Battle of Defiance. As of the recent decade, the orcs have begun to make a presence in the region again. What brings them back is unknown. - (Source: Official Everquest II lore)


The Crossroads

Valor's End

Yapping Maze

Dead Horse Valley

The Siege Lands

The Captain's Deck

Dead Man's Valley

Lucan's Mount

The Commonlands are open plains and gentle hills, with almost no barriers to travel. Each large plain is dominated by specific types of creatures. Roads and streams crisscross the region and are mostly safe from danger. They can be used by players to travel undisturbed between each major section of the zone.


Map of The Commonlands


Three griffon towers are available for fast travel between major sections of The Commonlands: Freeport Station, Nektulos Forest Station, and Hidden Canyon Station. The Commonlands dock is a travel hub, giving quick access to three regions within Freeport. Additionally, it gives direct access to Nektulos Forest docks, The Thundering Steppes docks, and Freeport Guild Halls. Finally, the Ulteran Spires located just west of The Crossroads allow travel to the Tenebrous Tangle in the Overrealm.

The zone's Mariner's Bell is on the docks at ( -1052, -145, -679 ) Copy.


  • The City of Freeport is located at the east end of the zone, with the gate into West Freeport at ( -1326, -88, 45 ) Copy.
  • The Crossroads-528, -43, -276 ) Copy is the major trading post for travelers arriving from Darklight Wood and Nektulos Forest on their way to Freeport.

Adjacent Zones[]

Zone Name Level Range Direction Access
The City of Freeport N/A East -1326, -88, 45 ) Copy
The Graveyard 5-10 East -1389, -86, -333 ) Copy
The Sprawl 5-10 East -1449, -81, 418 ) Copy
The Thieves' Way 5-10 East -1251, -83, 119 ) Copy
Darklight Wood 1-20 North 192, -46, -862 ) Copy
Nektulos Forest 20-30 Northwest 1112, -42, -636 ) Copy

Revive Locations[]

Revive Location Cardinal Direction
Freeport Gates East
The Crossroads Central
The Lonely Tower Southeast
East Nomad Camp Northcentral
Druid Plain West


Dungeon Name Level Range Target Audience Zone Type Location Timeline
Wailing Caves 11-18 Group Public -206, -43, -916 ) Copy Wailing Caves Timeline
Fallen Gate 18-26 Group Public 1483, -38, -402 ) Copy Fallen Gate Timeline


Instance Name Level Range Target Audience Location
Steelbone Family Crypt 10-12 Solo -1332, -69, 333 ) Copy
Valley of the Rogue Magi 15-20 Solo 679, -52, 448 ) Copy
The Eternal Gorge 18-23 Solo 906, -10, -517 ) Copy
Bloodskull Valley: The Excavation Site 15-17 Solo 0, -48, 726 ) Copy
Bloodskull Valley: The Training Grounds 17-21 Solo "
Bloodskull Valley: Maulic's Stronghold 20+ Raid x2 "
Gobblerock's Hideout 25-40 Group -1415, -70, 234 ) Copy
Befallen: Cavern of the Afflicted 50-90 (scales) Group 637, -64, 768 ) Copy
Befallen: Halls of the Forsaken 50-90 (scales) Group "
Befallen: Necrotic Asylum 50-90 (scales) Group "
Tomb of the Mad Crusader 80 Raid x4 "


See: The Commonlands Timeline

Similar Zones[]

Zone Name Level Range Region Notes
Darklight Wood 1-20 Shattered Lands Evil-alignment
Timorous Deep 1-20 Kunark Evil-alignment
Greater Faydark 1-20 Faydwer Good-alignment
Frostfang Sea 1-20 Shattered Lands Good-alignment
Antonica 10-20 Shattered Lands Good-alignment; counterpart to The Commonlands