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The Codexicon

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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) Miragul's Phylactery: The Crucible (The Shadow Odyssey)
Race [race needed]
Level 85▲▲▲ Tier 9 Heroic
Reported Drops
AA Exp Yes
Status Points Yes

What does this information mean?


A relatively straightforward fight. There are two torches on the wall that can be picked up. Have two dps classes do this, ranged works best. These torches will be used to burn various books, scrolls and papers the named will spawn on the inside circle. If these are not burnt, there will be ae that hits the whole group for varying amounts of dmg based on how many are not burned. The time to burn these items is not fixed, rather it is based on how much damage is done to the named while they are up. More damage will give you less time to burn them, this it is imperative that dps is slowed when he spawns them. Adds will also be spawned once either the ae hits, or all the items are burned.


At 80% health, 60%, 40% and 20%, The Codexicon will shout something that appears on your screen in giant red text rather than in your chat windows. Immediately after, he will throw four spell items - books, scrolls or single pages - to the floor. You must get these burned within 5 seconds or an AOE attack will repeatedly blast your party for 4000+ damage every second until you are all dead.

Players with the torch can single click any item to burn it. The mechanism appears to be that any item unburned will set off the AOE. Any item in the process of burning will turn into a mob, I believe it was called a fire serpent, which is a lvl 80^ non-heroic. Items that are finished burning will do nothing, obviously, because they are burned.

If you wait long enough the torch will respawn, enabling you to get more torches. It has also been claimed that it multiple people click the torch at the same time, everyone can get a torch.

I have heard it said that The Codexicon will not throw books if it is stifled and/or stunned. This has proven unreliable, and needs additional playtesting.


I don't know if this is new, but seems to be in agreeance with the other 5 I did, but there's an AE called "decay of thought". was hitting me for 4,000+ and will go off randomly. Quick way to wipe a group if you aren't burning pages mega fast.

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