The Coaltion of Tradesfolke

The Coalition of Tradesfolke building within the City of Freeport

The Coalition of Tradesfolke (Shattered Lands)
The Coalition of Tradesfolke is the tradeskill faction within Freeport.

As with all factions within Freeport, they only have as much freedom as Overlord Lucan D'Lere permits, and as such they do not have unlimited trade freedom. They are known for having aggressive trade tactics, such as exclusive partnerships by means of intimidation, as evidenced by a quest series in the Frostfang Sea. The Coalition has no official leadership, but is rather an alliance of the most powerful artisans and businessmen within Freeportian territory.

The forces of Freeport:
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Faction Merchants:Edit

Faction Rewards:Edit

10,000 (amiable)Edit

20,000 (kindly)Edit

30,000 (warmly)Edit

40,000 (ally)Edit

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