The Clefts of Rujark
Levels 50-60
Clefts of Rujark
The Clefts of Rujark viewed from the third and highest level
Introduced Desert of Flames
Zone Type Public
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Over lengths of time unimaginable, layer upon layer of sand and stone have compressed into bands of brown and pale blue.


Home to the Rujarkian Orcs, the Clefts of Rujark encompass the inhabitable part of the endless crags found in the southern part of the Desert of Ro. Borders with both the Sinking Sands and the Pillars of Flame allow the Rujarkian to have a strong presence throughout the entirety of the continent, however none as strong as within the Clefts themselves. Short of the Dervish, the Rujarkian are the most dominant force in Ro and the source of their strength is this natural fortress.

The Clefts of Rujark are built of layered sandstone formed from the now dried-up Lifire River. The sandstone is easily malleable and with the metals harvested from within the local mines the Rujkarians have built a perfect fortress: multilayered and nigh-impregnable. Furthermore, other needed materials are being shipped in from the Isle of Zek by the Deathfist, allies of the Rujarkian. In Zek, there is an abundance of wood and lumber that the Deathfist eagerly trade for the metals found within the Clefts of Rujark. The amazing blend of orcish woodwork with metallurgy found in the Clefts is reflected in their bridges, furniture, ballista, and the elaborate interior walls of the inner fortress.

The orcs use this area as the base for building their new empire. Together with the Deathfist and the Crushbone, the Rujarkian plan to finally conquer Ro and even bring the ruin of the Dervin capital Maj'Dul.


The Clefts of Rujark are split up into three levels. The first is the ground level where you zone-in to and is full of Solo encounters. The second and third levels are all Heroic and are accessed via elevators, whose locations are as follows:

  • Elevator to second level: ( -5, -2, 46 ) /waypoint -5, -2, 46
  • Elevator to third level: ( 37, 14, -49 ) /waypoint 37, 14, -49





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