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The City of Freeport Timeline
Recommended Levels 20 to 90
Introduced: LU62
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: The City of Freeport

With LU62, the four zones of Freeport were combined into one along with all-new art and the introduction and removal of many quests. Instead of a starting city, Freeport is now a quest hub beginning at level 20, and players who begin in Neriak and Gorowyn are directed to Freeport rather than Butcherblock Mountains. If you're looking for general information about the zone, see The City of Freeport page.


Housing in the villages and the now-demolished Blood Haze Inn has been relocated to North Freeport's Jade Tiger. Upon entering Freeport for the first time, a quest directs players to the new location.

Main Questline[]

The minimum level to begin these quests is indicated, but the quests scale to the player's level.

Level 20[]


  1. The Enemy in Our Midst
  2. Disarm the Dissidents
  3. The Source of the Swords
  4. Cleaning Up the Mess


  1. Culling the Disloyal - Available after accepting Serris first quest
  2. The Dreadnaught Uprising
  3. The Reward for Loyalty

Lasarian Nasin

  1. Turning Water Into Wine - Available after Cleaning Up the Mess
  2. Turning Steel Into Gold

The Forgotten

  1. Flirting with Death - Available after The Reward for Loyalty

Level 40[]

The Forgotten

  1. Arcane Science Versus Dark Faith - Flirting with Death and Turning Steel Into Gold must be finished

Micha Longtail

  1. Gone, But Not Forgotten - Arcane Science Versus Dark Faith starts this one
  2. The Cost of Doing Business

Kal'ril Nightstalker

  1. Set Sail for Slaver's Isle


  1. White Cowls, Black Hearts - Arcane Science Versus Dark Faith starts this one
  2. Searching the Sewers for the Strix


  1. Descent Into Madness


  1. Killing All the Birds - To Make or Unmake is next one

Adrianna or Micha Longtail

  1. To Make or Unmake

Level 60[]

Sanura Lithestripe

  1. The Insider - do Civil Disobedience first.

Kain Starkson

  1. Civil Disobedience - To Make or Unmake starts this one
  2. Elmo's Fire - starts The Insider
  3. Mysterious Designs
  4. Scale Break
  5. Buccaneer at Arms - finish this quest to finish The Insider
  6. On a Boat (Freeport); if you finished The Insider, you receive Betrayal by Boat

Level 80[]

Thesla Blackthorne

  1. Snappish Inquisition
  2. Fear, Surprise and Fanatical Devotion
  3. Nobody Expects It
  4. A Dismal Discovery
  5. Agent of Rage
  6. Epic Assassination
  7. Plots Within Plots

Cleerie Germinas

  1. Your Eternal Reward (requires completion of Class Quests)

Class quests[]


Corporal Sergius Mordanticus

  1. Prison Duty
  2. Agitate the Erudites
  3. Spirit Removal

Grand Duke Lazarus Hazran

  1. The Animus Agenda
  2. Beggars Can't Be Choosers
  3. A Knight in The Graveyard


Librarian Motius Feldarn

  1. Agitate the Kerrans
  2. Unknown Science Investigation
  3. Mysterious Freeblood

Foci Tamara Paust

  1. Destructive Tendancies
  2. Keys to the Temple
  3. Of Spells and Swords


Belimee Viperwing

  1. Inquisitors Abound!

Administrator Frugi

  1. Bad Religion

Kenth Lanringe

  1. Call a Priest!

Gisuka Voll

  1. Dismal Portents

Grand Inquisitor Nethal L'tylex

  1. Follow the Leader

Gisuka Voll

  1. How the Mighty Fall


Galla Silverring

  1. Imprisoned Friends and Foes


  1. Profit To Be Made

Quartermaster Baile

  1. Sweat Shop Interruption

Privateer Twitchwhisker

  1. Forging Alliances

Captain Siren

  1. Stocking the Market
  2. Changing Hoods

Final Reward Quest[]

Cleerie Germinas

Racial quests[]



  1. In Chains Again
  2. Psyching Out Psellic
  3. The Left Hand


Ambassador Anttel V'Xeath

  1. An Invitation
  2. Wallflowers
  3. Shall We Dance?


Selyse Brazenroot

  1. Barbarian Justice
  2. The Hidden Halasian
  3. Bargaining in Beggar's Court

Dark Elf[]

Dyymona K'Vexx

  1. Teir'Dal Turncoats
  2. In The Name of Hate
  3. Dyymona's Deception



  1. Declawing the Kerra
  2. Graveyard Recruiting
  3. Necromancy Killed the Cat



  1. Turning Over
  2. In the Light of Day
  3. War in the Shadows


Professor Flimflam

  1. A Clockwork Origin
  2. A Barrel of Flimfun
  3. Ghosts in the Machine


Thavian Destrus

  1. The Guilty in Beggar's Court
  2. Gangs of Freeport
  3. Freedom Bought


Derald Walldons

  1. Recovering our History
  2. Purification
  3. Stewards of Freeport


Zulk Veskk

  1. Memories of the Past
  2. Strength in Fear
  3. Back to the Fold



  1. What's Ours is Ours
  2. The Root of Rage
  3. In Our Own Hands


Kroota Gukbutcher

  1. Into the Bend
  2. Crisis of Rallosian Faith
  3. Shattered Peace


Sneel Valiyn

  1. Battle of Wits
  2. Deadly Legacy
  3. They're Here...


Ambassador Erazak

  1. Law and Order
  2. Crime and Punishment
  3. Truth and Consequences


Nelik Ulnya

  1. Spirits in the Streets
  2. Collective Memory
  3. Grobb, Not Forgotten