The Caves
Levels 10-15
The Caves.png
You expected a cave to be well-lit?
Introduced Shattered Lands
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to via zone line:

via Qeynos Mariner's Bell:

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Harvesting Tier 1
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The Caves are quite cool and in the past were a welcome Harvest diversion where folks could slip off for a quick swim after their chores were done.

Background[edit | edit source]

Among typical cave wildlife, The Caves have become the stomping ground of three formerly warring gnoll packs: Dustpaw, Mudpaw and Rockpaw. Among the Rockpaw gnolls a new leader has risen, High Shaman Zen'Durath who has rallied his clan and brought them victory over the other two clans. Consul Bree of the Qeynos Guard has discovered that Zen'Durath has reestablished ties with Blackburrow and the powerful Sabertooth Gnolls. With his new contacts in Blackburrow, the High Shaman got in touch with the Freeportian engineers, Fluwkowir and Fulkoir Haggleton. These villainous gnomes have provided Zen'Durath with various machines whose purposes are unknown to Consul Bree and the Qeynos Guard, save for two, which have been identified as being able to dig and to poison. Furthermore, an expert smithy has recently arrived from Blackburrow to oversee a massive arms and armor production project. Consul Bree believes that the gnolls are planning to poison the water supply of Qeynos, burrow beneath the city and attack the populace while they're weakened. A brave adventurer is needed to thwart this madness!

Geography[edit | edit source]

The Caves are divided into three levels:

  • The bottom level has a small quest hub. Located nearby is the Qeynos Mariner's Bell and a door to The Down Below is northeast along the water. The monsters on this level are all level 10 and most are non-aggressive. Dustpaw Gnolls, the weakest of the three gnoll clans, are the most dangerous thing to be found on this level.
  • The second level is patrolled by Mudpaw Gnolls and by aggressive golems as well.
  • The top level is far more dangerous than the other two. The Rockpaw Gnolls and strong alabaster golems are everywhere. Bats, snakes and spiders lurk menacingly in every corner as well. There are a few ^^^ Heroic named monsters on this level as well. Two quick ways to get to the bottom of The Caves and to safety is to either follow the stream in the north end of the level or to drop down the two holes along the southern edge. Monsters on this level are mostly 12-13.
  • Additionally, there is a path on the top level that leads to some monsters in the 14-15 range.

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