The Butcher of Hate

The Butcher of Hate

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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) Maldura: Unveiled Palace (Terrors of Thalumbra)
Race Golem
Level 106▲▲▲ Tier 11 Epic x4
Reported Drops

Drops no loot

Related Quests

Underdepths Saga: Chaos and Malice

AA Exp unknown
Status Points unknown

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  • The potion you were given will port you back to Queen Alwenielle so she can buff you enough to face an epic foe.
  • T'Serrina casts a long black line that creates a circle with a black cross in it on the floor. Lead the Butcher of Hate through these circles to make him damageable.
  • Range the fight. The Butcher of Hate moves fairly slow.
  • Your own dps doesn't matter much in this fight. Everytime you hit him, he get's a hit of 2% of his HP.
    • A spells with long casting time is not that good for that fight, rather focus on spells/ca with fast casting (and recast)
  • Also when you full below 30% health the buff from the queen heals you. As a Healer don't brother healing yourself at all in this fight.
  1. before you pull him make sure you got the "buff" from the queen.
  2. Stand a bit to the right of him when you pull him
  3. wait till he get's close (like 8m)
  4. run in s straight line towards the far left corner and stand like 10m away from the corner
  5. wait for T'Serrina to cast the black hole on you
  6. back off to the corner and the butcher should run through the black hole.
  7. on success he get's "stunned" and is damageable for a few seconds
  8. when stun wears off run to the other side of the platform and stand like 10m away from the corner again
  9. wait for the circle, backoff, wait for stun on butcher when he walks through
  10. rinse and repeat
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