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The Bonemire
Levels 63-70
Deathtoll Zone-In in Bonemire.jpg
Introduced Kingdom of Sky
Zone Type Public
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Quest Lines Bonemire Timeline
Harvesting Tier 7
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These volcanic islands, shrouded in eternal twilight, have been infested by many nightmarish creatures. Strong bands of adventurers may discover the fates of the ancient dragons, Lord Vyemm and Tarinax.


The Bonemire can be accessed via Ulteran Spires.

  • The Ulteran Spire zone-in point is near the Drednever Crash Site at ( -303, 52, 584 ) Copy.
  • Two additional spires exist in the zone, but they can only be used to leave this zone and travel to any of the many zones in the world now accessible by spire. The leave-only spires are on the Shattered Weir island, at the following locs: ( -847, -470, 83 ) Copy and ( -846, -470, 81 ) Copy

Travel Between Islands[]

The cloud travel system map. Shown here: leaving the Halls of Fate.

The cloud travel system was updated and all instant cloud routes are now connected, without any need to switch clouds from island to island. (with LU57)

  • When you click on the cloud at each landing pad, a map opens with all of the possible cloud travel locations.
  • In the same update that connected all of the cloud routes, the animated cloud ride was removed and you now instantly travel to the location you select from the map.

Anyone with a flying mount can also fly between islands using a mount instead.


Like all zones in the Overrealm, the Bonemire is a set of islands floating in a void.

A safe camp is located on Drednever Crash Site, where a gnome expedition has come upon hard times. A few town services are provided here, such as a merchant and mender.


Dungeon Name Level Range Target Audience Zone Type Location
Den of the Devourer 64-68 Group Instance inside volcano on Drednever Crash Site
The Blackscale Sepulcher 66-70 Group Instance Cacotoxic Stain
The Halls of Fate 68-72 Group Instance Halls of Fate Isle


Raid Name Level Range Target Audience Difficulty Location
The Laboratory of Lord Vyemm 70-75 4 Groups Medium Halls of Fate Isle
Deathtoll 70-75 4 Groups Hard Carrion Briar

Adjacent Zones[]

Zone Name Level Range Direction Access
Enchanted Lands 30-40 Down via Ulteran Spire on Drednever Crash Site
The Feerrott 35-45 Down via Ulteran Spire on Drednever Crash Site
Tenebrous Tangle 55-62 Elsewhere via portal on Shattered Weir
The Barren Sky 60-67 Elsewhere via portal on Shattered Weir

Revive Locations[]

Revive Location Description
Drednever Crash Site Only revive point in this zone


See Bonemire Timeline.

Similar Zones[]

Zone Name Level Range Region Notes
The Barren Sky 60-67 Kingdom of Sky Easier than Bonemire
Loping Plains 60-70 Faydwer More solo quests
Kylong Plains 67-73 Kunark Harder than Bonemire